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Jan 29, 2014 3:41pm

You have probably seen the billboards, the blogger posts, the banner ads, the news spots, and maybe even the TV commercials (apparently people still watch TV?). Even a faux demonstration of grammarians protesting the gross...


Jan 08, 2014 2:19pm

[Rock] Friday, June 29

Los Lobos

You want real mash-ups? Just listen to Los Lobos. The East Los Angeles band has been merging different genres together since the 1970s — namely, rock, Latin and Spanish music, country, folk and blues. Fortunately, the quintet takes great pains to ensure it never sounds like a gimmick. They do so in part by learning and playing authentic traditional instruments. It has expanded their stylistic palette — as has its members playing both in studio and on stage for a wide variety of musicians. Singer/guitarist David Hildago alone can best damn near any session musician out there, given his work with the likes of Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Paul Simon. Versatility and instrumental mastery are just two elements of Los Lobos’ talent. Another is its performance abilities, which you should not miss this Friday. 8 p.m.; <em>Veil Pavillion at Silverton, 3333 Blue Diamond Road, 263-7777, $15-$35</em>.

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