Last Call at the Bunkhouse

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Fuzz So Low at The Bunkhouse (FILE PHOTO: MAX PLENKE)


Downtown local music institution The Bunkhouse will undergo an ownership change and summer-long renovations come July, so the current brass have decided to throw one final, epic gig to mark the end of an era and drain the bar (which will be open starting at 2 a.m.). Not to be dramatic, but it’s possible Vegas bands Big Friendly Corporation, Same Sex Mary, The Clydesdale and five others may be the last to play either or both of those stages. Is there a better send-off for the Bunkhouse we’ve known for years than this? With Fuzz So Low, Dusty Sunshine, Avalon Landing, Crazy Chief and The All-Togethers; The Bunkhouse, 124 S. 11th St., 384-4536, $5.