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Las Vegas Philharmonic: Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights

Earlier this month, the Las Vegas Philharmonic announced it would be performing a live orchestral rendition of Charlie Chaplin’s 1931 film City Lights, a love story involving Chaplin’s Tramp and a blind flower girl with whom he falls in love — right before then-director David Itkin stepped down, leaving Phil CEO Jeri Crawford to snag a bunch of guest conductors.

To make an accurate — and not-boring — rendition of a classic Chaplin film, it takes acute attention to the little subtleties that made silent films watchable, to say nothing of the pacing. Whereas an operatic singer will have to follow his support if they choose to slow down, City Lights’ leading man already played his part — and the orchestra is just 81 years late. Fortunately, director Taras Krysa, an occasional Philharmonic violinist and former Henderson Symphony music director, not only grew up with Chaplin films, but has lead an ensemble through the Tramp’s movements and expressions before. All things considered, it’s in good, Ukranian, Chaplin-loving hands. 8 p.m.; Reynolds Hall at The Smith Center, 361 Symphony Park Ave., 749-2000, $25-$94.