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[Music] Wednesday, Aug. 8

The man born Bek David Campbell — we simply call him Beck — has been a busy bee since the 2008 release of his last studio album, Modern Guilt. Among his artistic endeavors in that period: writing songs for the fictional band Sex Bob-omb on the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World soundtrack; forming crack bands to record entire album covers (from artists such as The Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen and INXS) in one day, for his Record Club; recording with Jack White for his Third Man label; filling his website with content such as DJ sets and interviews/conversations with other artists; and producing albums by fellow alt-rock dignitaries such as Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth), Stephen Malkmus (Pavement) and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

In other words, he’s doing everything but putting out another album.

As the digital world changes and expands our musical playground, perhaps it becomes less important for artists to release conventional albums — and Beck has established a career of being anything but conventional. Anyone looking for signs of consistency, though, should take a look at the set lists for the concerts he has played already in 2012. They portend a predictable, greatest-hits set for his upcoming show at the Pearl, which will feature his regrouped band from the 1999 Mutations tour (a lineup that will look familiar to anyone who attended Beck’s Tropicana showroom gig that year). Those set lists also suggest there won’t be many, if any, nuggets from that era of the Beck discography, which includes Mutations and his underrated 1999 Midnite Vultures album, or even any new material. This is where we hope, if not expect, Beck to throw us a few curveballs — like the many he’s thrown in his long, celebrated career.

8 p.m.; The Pearl at the Palms, 4321 W. Flamingo Road, 944-3200, $49-$69