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Aziz Ansari

[COMEDY] Friday-Saturday, May 3-4

You know who’s funny as hell? Aziz Ansari.

Best known to people who don’t watch a lot of Comedy Central or don’t use the Internet for recreational purposes as that boy-sized Indian guy from Parks and Recreation also starring Amy Pohler, Ansari is a comedian/actor whose humor resonates most with college guys, girls who know college guys and girls who know college guys who think jokes about college guys are hilarious.

But it goes back further. Aziz Ansari created the MTV sketch show Human Giant. At one point, he took on the personality of Raaaaaaaandy (it’s eight As, or don’t even write it), a foul-mouthed manchild who regaled audiences with his sexual conquests. Example: “Oh, shit, you know what that siren means? That siren means it’s times for another one of Randy’s crazy fuck stories AKA a fucktale!” Which is sort of the genius of Ansari. He created a persona making fun of personas, and that persona became intensely popular. At one point, more popular than the man himself, as he’d yet to become the boy-sized Indian guy on Parks and Rec.

His comedy special, Deliciously Funny, is one of the better hours of recorded jokes out right now (Google “Aziz Ansari Harris,” if you like jokes at the expense of 14-year-olds). And now he’s coming to Las Vegas for his Aces of Comedy comedy program debut at The Mirage’s Terry Fator Theatre — which sucks for Terry, because Ansari is way funnier. Ask any college guy you can find. 10 p.m.; Terry Fator Theatre at The Mirage, 3400 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 791-7111, $50-$70