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Arturo Sandoval

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[JAZZ] Saturday-Sunday, Sept. 15-16

“Arturo Sandoval” sounds like the name of a slinky-moving, Zorro-lookin’ fella — definitely not matching the boxy, Cuban-Dizzie Gillespie presence of the actual man. And while the size, the magnitude of Sandoval as a man is one thing, it’s his pipes, the ones he developed under Gillespie himself, the ones that blare out distinctly Afro-Cuban riffage, that get him noticed. Wrap your ears around his rendition of “Caravan” if you’re a particularly aural learner, but believe us when we say Sandoval is the best trumpeter you’ll see in town in a while. 8 p.m.; The Orleans Showroom, 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., 365-7075, $19.95