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Adam Ant

Adam Ant
Adam Ant

[MUSIC] Friday, Sept. 14

I’m trying to watch Adam Ant (or Adam and the Ants) videos on YouTube at the office. And every time someone walks behind me, I feel weirdly compelled to turn the monitor away or open a different window. But I can’t figure out why. It’s not like there’s wanton violence or excessive flesh or Justin Bieber doing Biebery things. It’s the way the English old new-waver stares into the camera, sort of pursing a pair of hyper-glossy lips, while furniture comes to life behind him and dances. It’s because Adam Ant is, in the most unadulterated and least exaggerated terms, a massive weirdo.

The dude comes off like David Bowie, Billy Idol and Sid Vicious all sat down one day and said, “Let’s make a clone using all of our DNA because we’re rock stars and it’s the ’80s and if there’s ever been a time for three men to make a baby, it’s the ’80s” (chronological accuracy is not important here). And what ended up coming out after they used that test tube of identities to inseminate a peacock was this Londoner pop star whose proclivities include war paint and Victorian makeup. Seriously, it’s like he watched Reefer Madness and Rocky Horror Picture Show and decided, “Man, that’d be the life,” and proceeded to make a bunch of records (y’know that song “Goody Two Shoes”? Or “Stand and Deliver”? Or “Wonderful”?) both in a band and solo and get crowned MTV’s sexiest man, which confirms my belief that women like being terrified during sex.

Now, after something like 16 years, he’s decided to start touring internationally again, and decided the Hard Rock Cafe was the only place in Las Vegas that could contain his steely-eyed fervor. And, for a few hours, it will be the weirdest place on the Strip. MAX PLENKE

8 p.m.; Hard Rock Cafe of the Strip, 3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 733-7625, $27.50-$32.50