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‘American Idiot’


Billie Joe Armstrong isn’t just the tantrum-throwing frontman of decades-old pop-punk band Green Day — he’s also a playwright. Who woulda thunk the moody poster boy of unwanted success would someday fashion a rock opera for the masses out of his band’s 2004 comeback album? Well, he did.

The 2010 Broadway musical American Idiot follows three friends as they plot to escape bored-outta-skulls suburbia, where they spend most of their time drinking and goofing off. Only it doesn’t work out so well.

Just before their bus out of Dodge departs, one of them finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and has to stay home. The other two head for the city, where one can’t hack it and flees to the military, and the other continues his bad behavior in a same-shit-different-setting manner.

Baby-daddy Will numbs himself to his homelife with booze, pot smoke and television until his lady finally gets fed up and leaves him. Tunny, the Army guy, is injured in battle and once again finds himself unable to cope. Meanwhile, Johnny, the only city dweller left standing, is barely doing that. The dope-shooting party animal falls into a whirlwind romance with a unwholesome gal called Whatsername (yeah, really) and the two float around the city in a drugged daze until she leaves him.

With each of the men left in a state of grief, the three friends are forced to reevaluate what really matters — even if it means going home. 7:30 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 2 p.m. ; The Smith Center, 361 Symphony Park Ave.,, $24-$129