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Live-tweeting Lolita: A classic novel, shared in small, delicious bites

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I’m going to live-tweet my first-ever reading of Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita this week, as an experiment. And maybe an assignment.

@Cappattack: just finished [it] today!

I already told #1 Lolita fan @elfmonster I was doing this. “It’s like a poem,” he said. First two lines bear this out.

@DeannaRilling: @mikeprevatt @elfmonster Lolita! Light of my life! Fire of my loins! (Had a teacher at LVA who used the opening as a warmup exercise.)

@RichardAbowitz: @mikeprevatt @elfmonster Can I be number one Pale Fire fan?

Nabokov’s wit reminds me of Twain. And Wilde. And Morrissey, for that matter.

@KerryMcCombs: @mikeprevatt Oooooh, I like this idea. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Nymphet. Girl-child(ren). Puppybodies. Girleen. I’m having trouble stomaching this already.

@RodFromVegas: Wild hashtag, man. Are You Starting a Twitter book club?

@RodFromVegas that actually sounds like fun!

When Humbert seeks to “incarnate” his dead GF “into another,” I think of Hitch’s Vertigo. I’m onto something:

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@RichardAbowitz: @mikeprevatt you underestimate the butterfly expert.

I’m too lazy to look up all the French phrases on Babelfish. I hope he bails Paris soon.

“Let me repeat with quiet force: I was and still am an exceptionally handsome male…” Swear I saw some daddy say this on Grindr.

Humbert, on wife Valeria shaking her head: “[I] asked if she thought she had something inside.” SNAP.

@RichardAbowitz: Clare Quilty is going to get you!

@RichardAbowitz “Quine the Swine. Guilty of killing Quilty.” I don’t know what that means this early in the book, but it’s funny. #Lolita

@RichardAbowitz: I loved the book in college and more recently heard a great unabridged audio book w/ Jeremy Irons reading: highly recommend!

Anyone else breathe a sigh of relief when Humbert reveals he’s writing from jail?

Esp. after this: “Imagining in all poss. detail the enigmatic nymphet I would coach in French and fondle in Humbertish.” GAH.

Maybe Dylan was a bad choice for background music while reading Lolita. Clash of prose. Switching to jazz.

@rossjaymusic @mikeprevatt I

Wish I was reading Lolita on my new iPad. What should my first e-book be?

@rossjaymusic @mikeprevatt I just started Cloud Atlas. So far so good. #ebooks

@rossjaymusic Funny, I just changed Cloud Atlas versions on my online wish list. #ebooks #greatminds

I haven’t read a book this slowly in a long time. These sentences are worth rereading and poring over.

And then there’s his metaphors. He recalls his diary entries “much as a spy delivers by heart the contents of the note he swallows”

New band name: Transom.

Upon dwelling on the strength of the word “blackmail,” Humbert instead employs “muavemail.” Gotta work that into convo tomorrow. #LOLita

Humbert has enough narcissism to fill an entire VIP booth at Krave.

Humbert and Lolita get a hotel room, and this just became a suspense novel.

Part one ends like a motherfucker. Or, rather, like a stepfatherfucker. I need a breather.

@MikeA5Group: @mikeprevatt it’s refreshing that you’re enjoying the hell out of #Lolita. I almost forgot that people read for pleasure anymore.

@MikeA5Group thanks. It’s hard to not be enthusiastic when it’s written so enthusiastically.

@MikeA5Group: #truth happy reading

Nabokov writes about N. American scenery as if discovering it for 1st time, treasuring details the rest of us often take 4 granted.

Humbert manipulating Lolita into accepting their wayward US roadtrip. His bad psychology makes Dr. Phil look good.

“Reno, a dreary town in Nevada, with a nightlife said to be ‘cosmopolitan and mature.’” Wait, Reno had nightlife?

In the quest of maintaining his perverse romance, he drives Lolita further away, increasingly enabling her out of desperation.

In granting Lolita every favor, she returns none. And this: “We had been everywhere. We had seen nothing.” Denial joyride hits dead end.

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@rossjaymusic @mikeprevatt you’re making me desire to revisit #Lolita.

OK, sometimes Nabokov lays the details on a little thick. “I am merely a brute…Let us go on with my miserable story.” Yes, let’s.

Another road trip, another vivid account of cross-country travel. Apple Maps has nothing on Edgar Humbert.

Hoping someone from the Downtown Project has already greenlit a cafe called The Bustle: A Deceitful Seatful.

Like a rescue dog, Humbert constantly fears abandonment. Lolita though is as stubbornly stuck to him as he is her. “Both doomed, we were.”

Humbert waxes eloquently (if creepily in subtext) on Lolita’s tennis form. Pure poetry.

In the future I shall sub out any lazy comebacks with: It’s “below my dignity to rejoin.” Oh, Nabokov!

Transom’s debut album: “Ape Paw” #Humbert

Knew it! Clare Quilty is the MacGuffin of Lolita .

“Since I had disregarded all laws of humanity, I might as well disregard the rules of traffic.” Not unlike driving in Vegas.

A violent ending, but maybe not as violent or as poetically just as I had anticipated.

To sum up Lolita: “But I was weak, I was not wise, my schoolgirl nymphet had me in thrall.” A great undoing, done masterfully by Nabokov.

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@RossJayMusic @mikeprevatt these #Lolita posts excite me! Such a novel. Such an artist. I know plenty more books as amazing.

Gracias @rossjaymusic. That concludes my (prolonged) live-tweet of #Lolita. Thanks for your toleration, those who didn’t unfollow me! #fin