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Some Assemblage required in architecture exhibit

A new multimedia exhibit at the Amanda Harris Gallery showcases the durability, dexterity and diversity of Assemblage Studio, a 16-year-old Las Vegas-based architecture and planning practice. Headed by Eric Strain and Drew Gregory, the firm has assembled an impressive resume of 55 award-winning projects, each uniquely suited to Southern Nevada’s harsh climate, including the Mesquite Art Museum, Mormon Fort Visitors Center and Lynn Bennett Early Childhood Education Center. “We don’t turn away a project based on size or cost,” said Strain, who also teaches at UNLV. “It’s really about the client and doing something we are passionate about.”

The show, which runs through April 14, sheds light into Assemblage’s design process through drawings, models, dioramas and images. Its desert modern style often changes from project to project, depending upon what is needed, although all of its work emphasizes native materials, light, environment and craftsmanship. “We’re always trying different and innovative ways to break apart forms and manipulate the box,” Gregory said. Indeed, the pair recently used a perforated folded metal screen façade on a home called Trescara for an undulating dynamic affect. The screen shelters against wind and sand while simultaneously diffusing daylight and referencing the surrounding ridgeline.

Gallery shows for architecture are a rarity in Las Vegas. As such, it speaks volumes about Assemblage Studio’s quality, integrity and imagination; its work is intensely viewable as inhabitable, interactive art reshaping our cityscape.

Amanda Harris Gallery, Soho Lofts, 900 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Suite 150,