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Meet the sculptor: Patrick Sullivan works on public art project in Centennial Hills

ON MARCH 19, a truck sidled up next to the Centennial Hills Transit Center parking lot with an enormous, seven-ton block of pale beige Indiana limestone strapped securely to its flatbed. Three workers maneuvered the prodigious stone cube with an ease that defied its considerable weight. Monolith at rest behind the crane, they ferried it to the location where international sculptor Patrick Sullivan will hand-chisel, saw and carve the block for the transit center.

In keeping with the sculpture’s future home — between benches at the Centennial Hills Transit Center Park & Ride — its theme will be motion, evoked by spokes and wheeled shapes, footsteps, vehicle tracks and spirals carved into various surfaces of the stone. The project is part of a series of projects undertaken by the Southern Nevada Regional Transportation Center to incorporate public art into all of its facilities. Over the next four to eight weeks, Sullivan will carve the sculpture on-site. All are invited to visit, meet and talk with the artist, and watch the day-by-day progress.

“The more people that we can get to come by and watch Patrick,” says Amber Stidham, public affairs administrator for RTC, “the more meaning [the sculpture] will have.”