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Last chance: Photo exhibit of eligible bachelors

Artist Justyna Badach has questioned more than once her decision to visit and photograph single men — especially the one who required a 30-minute dirt-road drive, where there was no cell phone coverage. These men aren’t the jet-setting, ruggedly handsome types found on The Bachelor, either — just regular guys, some a little overweight, others very old, and all, for one reason or another, living alone. Nine years ago, personal matters within her own family inspired Badach to photograph and document the existence of these gentlemen on the periphery of society. She meets them through ads on Craigslist or from referrals and, “like a confessional with a priest, [the photograph is] done and then it’s over and never spoken of again,” she says. The images are poignantly mundane, the men posed in front of ramshackle houses, leaves strewn about, or standing in the living room holding a model airplane or lying nude on a bed, gazing at the viewer. The figures seem to mutely request, See me. I’m still here.

Bachelor Portraits, by Justyna Badach, through April 20, Contemporary Art Center, 107 E. Charleston Blvd. Suite 120,