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Ten years of Iraq

Ten years: Visual commentary by Aaron McKinney

On the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Topical art by Aaron McKinney.

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Quote of the week (so far)


— County Commissioner Tom Collins, offering a single morsel of good news for Constable John Bonaventura on Tuesday....

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Bill-rush the Legislature

Among the 383 bills introduced in the Legislature during the five days before Monday’s cutoff were proposals that would:
• Pardon black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, convicted by an all-...

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Yerington lawmaker thinks Vegas should keep its own revenue!

Clark County's chronically underfunded schools could see their money woes vanish in an instant if state lawmakers heed the advice of Assembly Minority Whip Tom Grady, of Yerington. Last week, Mr....

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From today's RJ

Right on, corporate sibling! First F-bomb lands in RJ

What does it mean when the daily paper of record drops the f-bomb?
Long the domain of alternative weeklies, “fucking” has never appeared in print in the Las Vegas Review-Journal before, but...

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A view from the bar. PHOTO: SCOTT DICKENSHEETS

A sneak peek into Atomic Liquors

CityLife got a sneak peek into the renovated Atomic Liquors, which plans to open in the next couple of months. The bar has been reupholstered, a juke box and original atomic-themed art were added...


Going through the motions at the school tax hearings

In a perfect world, legislators would convene hearings to ask probing questions on important issues, carefully weigh the facts and opinions from the experts and ordinary folks on the matter at hand,...
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Tupac Shakur: Six fingers short of his FourSquare ranking.

Where are you checking in, Las Vegas?

Gleaning the most popular local Foursquare check-ins, it's hard to get an overall picture of people's destination tastes.

FourSquare is the social app that enables users to "check in" at a...

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Sequester is gonna suck

This time, it looks like Congress and the White House really might take America -- and Nevada -- over the fiscal cliff. Those pillars of government agreed in the Budget Control Act of 2011 to deliver...
Tags: economy

Tilting at pot laws

It’s like a great white whale for drug-reform advocates: making pot legal in Nevada. Even Nevada's medical marijuana initiative -- a move that in California caused “dispensaries” to sprout like...
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