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City council subcommittee votes 2-1 to preserve arts fund

The Brit-pop '70s band 10CC used to sing “Art for art’s sake, money for God’s sake.” The Las Vegas City Council, or at least its recommending subcommittee, might have hummed the song Tuesday as it...

What is Nevada's Big Give?

Nevada's Big Give wants you to give big. It's a statewide online philanthropy campaign that asks residents (or even generous neighbors) to kick some dough to their favorite cause.



Note to tourists: Being on vacation does not mean you can’t be run over

Numerous studies list Vegas as ONE OF THE MOST DANGEROUS CITIES IN WHICH TO BE A PEDESTRIAN. Much of the blame can be put on drunken drivers, speeding drivers and roads designed for speed rather...


A step forward: Nevada Senate okays repeal of gay marriage ban

On Monday, gay men and lesbians have moved a step closer — a big step closer — toward the right to legally marry their partners in Nevada. On a mostly party-line vote, the Nevada Senate voted 12-9 to...
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Denim Day, April 24, takes a stand against sexual assault

If you hate sexual assault, you had better wear some denim to prove it. If you hate denim, well, suck it up for the cause.

Wednesday, April 24, is Denim Day, an international awareness...


Immigration reform protest planned for May Day

Comprehensive reform of the nation’s 60-year-old immigration laws once appeared to be almost impossible, but more than 100 people gathered in downtown Las Vegas Wednesday on what they hoped would be...

What the frack?

To frack or not to frack?

This isn’t a question from Battlestar Galactica, but a serious environmental issue. Several companies have expressed interest in bringing the...

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Local dignitaries and Center staff (including Candice Nichols, second to last on right) christen the new building (COURTESY: ALLYSON LIMON)

Musical chairs happening at new gay and lesbian center

The morning of April 6 was a memorable day for Candice Nichols. That morning, she oversaw the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the new Gay and Lesbian Center of Southern Nevada -- aka...

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Power and water: Yes to clean energy, no to dirty water

The first week of April is shaping up to be a pretty happy one for treehuggers in this part of the country. Two items of significant environmental import dropped Wednesday.One is that NV Energy,...
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Speaking in favor, from left: Marybel Batjer, Katrina and Christy Ross

1,600 years isn't a bad run: hearings on Nevada's gay-marriage ban

While the nation’s eyes turned to the U.S. Supreme Court and the debate over same-sex marriage, Nevada had its own turn at the issue. The Legislature on Tuesday debated Senate Joint Resolution 13, a...
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