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There's some "East Village" for ya

Open Letter to the "East Village"

I note with some interest that a group of investors in the downtown area are rewriting place names. Specifically, you, the area of east of downtown along Fremont...

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Attorney General says city energy-efficiency proposal violates state law

A proposal from Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers to eliminate energy-efficiency requirements for rehabbed buildings older than four years — a proposal that would affect would-be re-dos in...

Dave, Ainjil and Sofia

New life: After being told she couldn't conceive, violence survivor Ainjil Reyes delivers a girl

EIGHT. That’s how many gunshot wounds Ainjil Reyes sustained — and survived — in a horrific 2008 machine gun attack carried out by her estranged husband.

Her boyfriend, Jonathan “Caine...


A tense exchange between Bob Beers and a critic

As we document in the May 30 CityLife, a proposal from Las Vegas City Councilman Bob Beers to eliminate energy-efficiency building codes from refurbished or repurposed downtown buildings constructed...
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Changes in progressive leadership coming

As the Nevada legislative session winds down, several of the key players from the progressive bench are bowing out of future policy fisticuffs. 
Scot Rutledge, executive director of the...

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COURTESY: Nevada Department of Transportation

Morbid reminder: freeway signs tally roadway deaths

Slow down, the signs will remind you. Don't drive drunk. People have died on these roads.
Starting tomorrow morning at 4 a.m., the Department of Transportation will roll out morbid reminders to...

Governing the city is fine and all, but let's eat

The Las Vegas City Council is starving.Although there are certainly nearby culinary destinations, council members saluted plans to put a restaurant right across from the new City Hall, on the ground...
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OK, so maybe this isn't the BEST argument for public art ...

Public art 1, Bob Beers 0

Las Vegas will continue to fund local arts projects with a regular, 1-percent set-aside from the city’s annual capital-improvements budget.The City Council voted 6-1 to reject Councilman Bob Beers’...
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Ten (more or less) random sentences from Oscar Goodman's new book

Absolutely nuts! (p. 34)
His knees had been smashed and his genitals had been poked and crushed with a cattle prod before he died. (p.74)
I think he invoked the Fifth Amendment thirty-...

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Marching along Las Vegas Boulevard

On the scene at the immigration rally

Flush from his victory on gun control, Harry Reid rallied a crowd of thousands for immigration reform during a rally in downtown Las Vegas Wednesday. He was joined by the Democratic congressional...
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