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A White Cross Market employee stocks the shelves. PHOTO: LAUNCE RAKE

White Cross Market scheduled to open Monday

Update: White Cross Market owner-manager Jimmy Shoshani said the opening has been delayed due to the longer-than-expected time needed to do inventory. He said he hopes to open the market soon,...
A member of Club America approaches a charging Chivas player (PHOTO: JEFERSON APPLEGATE)

My night at the Club America vs. Chivas soccer game

When I usually drive into a sporting event, I can easily tell the team alliances by the vanity plates and rear-windshield stickers. But it's harder to suss out Team America and Team...

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Harry Reid says words.

Energy boost and Mandalay Bay

Las Vegas has suffered a few setbacks lately in its efforts to become the sustainable energy capital of the universe, but it got a big boost Tuesday, a little more than a month before...

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Crowds gathered at The Center to celebrate DOMA's demise. PHOTO: LAUNCE RAKE

In DOMA coverage, Channel 8 reporter fails to disclose church ties

Whoops. News that the U.S. Supreme Court had thrown out a federal law called the Defense of Marriage Act that limited rights granted to gay and lesbian couples shook cities across the country...
The panel

Critics quiet at Huntridge Revival meeting

After weeks of occasionally strident acrimony, especially on Facebook, one would think that there is an uprising against gentrification and redevelopment directed at the Huntridge Revival in the...
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City council votes to eliminate energy-efficiency rules from building code

Las Vegas has gotten a small measure of wonkish celebration from city planners and some elected officials ever since then-Mayor Oscar Goodman signed a pledge in 2005 “to promote climate protection...
The new Attic at 1010 N. Main St. PHOTO: KRISTY TOTTEN

The Attic launches an Indiegogo page to fund a wheelchair lift

The Attic has launched an Indiegogo fundraiser to raise $12,000 to install a wheelchair lift, as required by state law. The store is ready to open but must meet this accessibility requirement at...

The new Attic at 1010 N. Main St. PHOTO: KRISTY TOTTEN

The Attic to reopen in a new location

The good news is The Attic will be back in business shortly, hopefully by August if all goes as owner Mayra Politis plans. The bad news is, they need to buy a wheelchair lift to comply with...


Huntridge Revival announces supporter perks

So you’re thinking of contributing to the effort to save the Huntridge Theatre from its slow decline into crumbling irrelevance — what will it get you? Besides the hoped-for result of a revived and...

Gun-safety advocates protest Sandoval's veto of background checks for gun purchases

They’re not done yet, advocates for “gun safety” said Thursday as they protested Gov. Brian Sandoval’s veto of a law requiring background checks for many gun sales. The veto quashed yet another...