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Statue of Hank and Barbara Greenspun outside the GMG offices.

Voices carry: An essay about the Sun-RJ deal and editorial diversity

FOR 63 YEARS, the Las Vegas Sun has tempered the right-wing/libertarian streak of Western politics and media with a dose of liberalism. The paper’s founder, Hank Greenspun, went after red-baiting...

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Councilman Stavros Anthony Says Yes to the Dress

Here Comes Honey Stavros Anthony

The city of Las Vegas has gotten into the reality TV business with the same company that brought us The New Evidence: Are Mermaids Real?
The City Council on Wednesday approved the deal with...

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Metro Ignores Chalkers

It was broiling hot in front of the Metro headquarters Saturday, but the water in gallon plastic containers wasn’t for the 30 or so people gathered on the sidewalk. The dozens of water jugs were...

Danger from the Earth's Core!

Climate-change deniers have many theories to explain away what the overwhelming majority of scientists insist is happening, that the earth’s atmosphere is getting hotter due to human activity.
Not the kind of favors usually exchanged at political conventions

Open Letter: To the Democratic and Republican national parties

Every four years, America has a national election. And every four years, Americans pretend that our huge political confetti-tossing fiestas are integral to picking the next president. Students of...

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Chalk, chalk

A quartet of Las Vegas activists were arrested over the last week and charged with defacing property and conspiracy. Their crime? Criticizing Metro in chalk on the sidewalk.

Metro, which is...

Martin Dupalo can't afford to fight City Hall

News portrait: Martin Dupalo can't afford to fight City Hall


WE’RE CUTTING YOU OFF. NOT YOU, WALMART. YOU, AVERAGE CITIZEN: Liquor. Beer. Wine. Nectar of the gods. Elixir of stupid human tricks, drunk drivers, shattered...

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Infectious Disease Promoted at Channel 8

Vaccines? Who needs ‘em?

Apparently not children, not according to KLAS Channel 8. In a video piece stunning for its complete lack of scientific accuracy and objectivity...


Save the Huntridge campaign beats crowdfunding deadline

We might've bet that a certain well-heeled downtown booster would have been the one to put the first Save the Huntridge fundraising campaign over the top. But instead, it appears that four other...

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Stephen Barton speaks to the crowd on Monday

Gun-check advocates rally: "We are here for the long ride."

Gun-safety advocates, among them two Nevada legislators and a survivor of the 2012 mass shooting in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater, promised Monday to sustain their effort to expand...

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