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Where are you?
Where are you?

This week we launched TMI, a front-of-the-book, one-page information overload featuring our editorial illustration, "Who cares?" list, a reader rant, news briefs and a "Where are you?" photo. The content will change from week to week, but the "Where are you?" photo will remain. 

This week we ran photo No. 1 with this hint: If you wanted a folded-egg breakfast, you'd be nearby. Did you recognize the building?

It is A Place for Miracles, located in the same shopping center as Omelet House (hence the egg-y hint) near Charleston and Rancho. The parking-challenged lot also houses Jimmy John's, Mix Zone, Nozomi, Ken's Pharmacy and an alterations shop, among other businesses. Know the one?

A Google search reveals that A Place for Miracles is a church of some sort, which came as a surprise to at least one staffer who thought it was a dry cleaner. Something about the word "miracle" reminds her of chemicals. She can't explain. There are a few other questions floating about, too. Is that an asterisk in the church's sign? Or a tiny sun? We may never know. 

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