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... but perhaps not in the English-language news world?
A video from Las Vegas is getting traction in the Spanish-speaking world. Diego Santiago, from the Las Vegas Univision affiliate, is doing an on-camera interview when a man decides to steal a chain from around the reporter's neck.
The thief takes off but doesn't get far -- Santiago, the reporter, throws journalistic objectivity to the wind, runs him down and gets the chain back. What's really weird about this is not that an idiot, on videotape, decides to steal some jewelry, although that is kind of odd, or that the reporter has the presence of mind and cajones to take the chain back, although that, too, is rare.
The really weird thing is that if this were on an English-language station in Vegas, or probably anywhere in the country, it would be all over the news.
Adriana Arevalo, news director with KINC-15 in Las Vegas, said the incident happened about two weeks ago and that Metro arrested the would-be robber. Here's the video, via a Colombian news website:
Update: Kudos to the Las Vegas Sun, which reported the story on Feb. 6.