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Where are you checking in, Las Vegas?

Tupac Shakur: Six fingers short of his FourSquare ranking.
Tupac Shakur: Six fingers short of his FourSquare ranking.

Gleaning the most popular local Foursquare check-ins, it's hard to get an overall picture of people's destination tastes.

FourSquare is the social app that enables users to "check in" at a location, which is then broadcasted on its news feed and often synced with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Badges are awarded to milestone check-ins, and the person who checks in the most at any location is the "mayor."

After eclipsing three billion check-ins, it tallied the Vegas spots users frequent the most, and broke them down by category. The results reveal no obvious patterns. 

To wit, the popular social app's users are classy enough to make The Cosmopolitan's chic and expertly staffed Vesper bar their favorite place to get a cocktail. But when they want some good ol' American fare, they dine most at Margaritaville. They bouge out for Rick Moonen when it comes to seafood, but their favorite Mexican dining spot is Pink Taco. And when it comes to "things to do," the righteously unique Pinball Hall of Fame is their preferred way of entertaining themselves, but when they venture into the great outdoors, neither Red Rock Canyon nor Springs Preserve even registers in the top 10 (number one? The Eiffel Tower "Experience"). Of course, we blame the tourists. 

And speaking of things to do, not only is the scene of Tupac Shakur's fatal shooting a check-in spot, it's the 10th most popular "entertainment" location in Las Vegas, with over 4,200 check-ins. (It even has a mayor. Her name is Jeannie. She actually holds 59 mayorships, but only boasts one FourSquare friend.)

Other curious stats:

Most popular steakhouse? Gallagher's at New York-New York

In the Asian restaurant category, Sushisamba has more check-ins than TAO

The most checked-in bar in town? Crown & Anchor

FourSquare has categorized Bellagio's decidely indoor Conservatory & Botanical Gardens as a "great outdoors" spot. 

And for the non-shockers: The Cosmopolitan is FS users' favorite casino; The Beatles LOVE beats out every other show; and In-N-Out is the third most checked-in burger spot, and the only fast-food chain in the category.