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Triple F: First Friday starts a foundation

On the eve of its tenth anniversary, First Friday has launched a foundation (First Friday Foundation) to promote the arts and connect the community with creative services. Here's a look at the numbers:

10 Years First Friday has been around
1 Foundation being created to promote its well-being
2 Goals
First: “Support local artists and inspire civic art,” says manager Joey Vanas
Second: Connect local businesses with creative services.
3 Months until the foundation gets its tax-exempt status in order
Zero: Days it’s going to wait to get started
1 Top-secret kick-off project planned
1 Day until said project is revealed at First Friday
$10,000 Donation required to become a founding member
6 Members so far
100 percent Percentage of donated dollars Tony Hsieh will match
0 Paid employees at this time. All are volunteers.
0 Dollars to get involved
1 request: “We’re asking people to get involved, donating or otherwise. We’re just asking people to participate.” KRISTY TOTTEN
For more information, go to