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Tom Collins' cowboy problems

What an embarassing week for Clark County Commissioner Tom Collins. First, someone releases the police report on his trigger-happy July 3rd celebration, in which he allegedly unloaded a few illegal rounds inside the city limits.

"Collins was mad at his tree so he took his firearm out of the truckand began to shoot at the tree and a post in his backyard," wrote Officer Noah Bennett, according to the Sun. "Collins stopped talking at this point and he advised that he wanted to take back that statement at this time."

Officers found a handgun, empty beer cans and a bottle of whiskey, according to the Sun. After the attorney general for the state dropped the case, the city attorney for North Las Vegas brought charges for disturbing the peace and discharging a handgun within the city limits.

Embarassing, right? But it wouldn't be the end of Collins' legal troubles. On Saturday, the commisioner's bull escaped and charged a 42-year-old neighbor, according to the Review-Journal. Collins was charged with a misdemeanor, livestock at large. This time, the city didn't bother going through the attorney general.

Young urban politicians like Anthony Weiner end their careers with smart phones and text messages -- one penis pic at a time. Collins is a rural throwback, shooting and rampaging his way to political retirement. Maybe. It could be that voters in District B like his good-old-boy, gunslingin' ways. Collins won reelection in 2008 with 67 percent of the vote. But will voters want to keep the man in office, even after they find out that he can't keep his bull in his pen? I bet he's hoping that Kathleen Vermillion pops back up, and redirects the attention to District A's Steve Sisolak.