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Ten (more or less) random sentences from Oscar Goodman's new book

Absolutely nuts! (p. 34)
His knees had been smashed and his genitals had been poked and crushed with a cattle prod before he died. (p.74)
I think he invoked the Fifth Amendment thirty-seven times and never answered a relevant question. (p. 119)
When I first got to Las Vegas, somebody was blown to smithereens in a parking lot at one of the casinos, but that was the exception. (p.126)
Binion would have squirrel stew; you could see the squirrel’s little buck teeth and shiny eyes in the bowl. (p. 144)
After they got over their shock, they said, “We’re not FBI. We’re IBM.” (p. 162)
When I was elected, I had two small puppies at home. (p. 217)
So much for the “paper of record.” (p. 237)
The workers understood this, and they knew I meant business. (p. 247)
The argument that we can’t have a world-class city if we have brothels is bunk. (p. 267)

BEING OSCAR: FROM MOB LAWYER TO MAYOR OF LAS VEGAS — ONLY IN AMERICA Oscar Goodman (with George Anastasia), Weinstein Books, 288 pages