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Technology to the rescue

Last week I wrote about super-PACs, which are collectively spending an ungodly amount of money to influence the election in swing states like ours. Here in Nevada, we've heard it all, from all ends of the political spectrum. Fortunately, for iPhone owners at least, technology is making it easier to sort through the bullshit.

Jennifer Hollett, co-founder of the Super PAC App, wants people to know about her app. Once it's downloaded, you just point your phone at the television during a super-PAC commercial. The app will identify the group that funded the ad, tell you how much they've poured into the campaign, whether they are conservative or liberal, how other users have rated the ad and whether the claims stand up to scrutiny.

Best of all, it's free. The next step in this techno-political evolution would be to create an app that fact checks candidate claims in real time. At some point, all this technology might start forcing politicians and PACs to start telling the truth. That's innovation we can get behind.