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State parks such as Floyd Lamb State Park remain open so little kids like this can feed the ducks.
State parks such as Floyd Lamb State Park remain open so little kids like this can feed the ducks.

People obviously need to pay better attention in history class, or watch some more Schoolhouse Rock.

The state government and the federal government are two separate entities, but some people seem to be having trouble grasping that concept. The Nevada Division of State Parks felt the need, we’re guessing because they received a bunch of calls, to announce that all 23 state parks are not affected by the federal government's moronic stalemate (our words, not the state's), and "remain open for all scheduled events."
They even provided a list of state parks.

 Beaver Dam State Park
 Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park
 Big Bend of the Colorado State Recreation Area
 Cathedral Gorge State Park
 Cave Lake State Park
 Dayton State Park
 Echo Canyon State Park
 Fort Churchill State Historic Park
 Kershaw-Ryan State Park
 Lahontan State Recreation Area
 Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
 Spooner Backcountry, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
 Cave Rock, Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park
 Mormon Station State Historic Park
 Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park
 Rye Patch State Recreation Area
 South Fork State Recreation Area
 Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
 Spring Valley State Park
 Valley of Fire State Park
 Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Park
 Washoe Lake State Park
 Wild Horse State Recreation Area


One key clue to which park is federal and closed by the shutdown is if the word "national" is in the park's name, such as Lake Mead National Recreation Area and Red Rock National Conservation Area.

We wanted to include the obligatory quote sent with the announcement, which has nothing to do with what the actual announcement is about: “Autumn is awesome in Nevada’s state parks for viewing fall colors, fishing, camping or setting up a  hunting base camp,” said Deputy Administrator Eric Johnson.