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Soul-killing jobs? Las Vegas has 'em

The website CNNMoney just released the results of a survey that asked a variety of workers how they felt about the morality of their occupation. The pollster,, asked 32,000 employees whether their jobs make the world a better place. Choices included "very much so," "yes," "a little," "no" and "my job makes the world a worse place."

The results turned up a couple of professions common in Nevada that make the world a worse place, at least according to some of their practitioners. In fact, gaming dealer came in at number two, with 17.6 percent of dealers choosing the "worse place" option on the Payscale survey. Almost half said the work doesn't do anything to make the world better, according to CNNMoney. The only workers who were more morally unsatisfied than dealers were those who toil in fast food restaurants. Almost 40 percent said their jobs make the world a worse place. Apparently peddling fattening burgers and false hope doesn't do much for a person's spiritual bottom line. And neither does selling alcohol. Bartenders came in at number five.

To be fair, television newscasters also made the list, along with telemarketers and debt collectors. Apparently they didn't get around to polling banking executives, congressmen or casino moguls. Those would top my personal list of jobs that make the world a worse place.