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So long, farewell, etc.

So, here it is -- my last dispatch for Las Vegas CityLife, and I'm writing it from an empty desk. It's weird, since I'm perpetually disorganized and usually have three notebooks and a stack of computer printouts in front of me at any given time. But I had to clear all that out to make way for next person, because, after a little more than four years, I'm moving on.

I moved all the way from Greensboro, North Carolina and started at CityLife on the same day Lehman Brothers collapsed and the Dow dropped 500 points. I didn't think I would last a week at the paper, much less four years. Along the way, I got to work with some great editors, photographers and writers. From former managing editor Andrew Kiraly, I learned a lot about quirky/seedy Las Vegas, and a lot more about writing. And former editor Steve Sebelius knew everything about Nevada politics. I hope he's keeping "Fuck Baby" alive in his heart as he ascends the ranks of political punditry. In 2011, the paper landed in the capable hands of Scott Dickensheets, who knows more about magazines and storytelling than anyone I've ever met. And don't let me forget Kristy Totten and Mike Prevatt, the hardest-working section editors in Las Vegas.

Anyway, it's hard not to get a little choked up and teary-eyed as I step away from this computer for the last time. It's been a privilege to write about Southern Nevada and to be on the front lines of all the downtown developments and political changes. There are enough stories in this town to fill three daily newspapers, with a few left over. I hope readers thought a few of mine were worth reading. There's been a ton of change over the last few years at CityLife, but the people here always find good writers and great stories and I know that will continue. I'm not leaving Southern Nevada. And I'll keep reading CityLife. It'll be nice to do it as a fan and not an employee.