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On the scene at the immigration rally

Marching along Las Vegas Boulevard
Marching along Las Vegas Boulevard
Harry Reid addresses the crowd
Harry Reid addresses the crowd
Flush from his victory on gun control, Harry Reid rallied a crowd of thousands for immigration reform during a rally in downtown Las Vegas Wednesday. He was joined by the Democratic congressional caucus, which came out for a huge May Day march to support the union rally for immigration reform — specifically, a path for citizenship for the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States today. Senate Majority Leader Reid joined Congresswoman Dina Titus, Congressman Steven Horsford and labor leaders to rally the crowd.
The elected and union leaders sidestepped the thorny fact that they will have to muster 60 votes in the U.S. Senate to pass virtually any bill, especially a major policy initiative supported by the Obama administration.
But those hoping for significant changes to the nation’s 50-year-old — and by all accounts increasingly dysfunctional — immigration laws could find some optimism in the sheer size of the Las Vegas event. Marching south to Sahara Avenue following the rally at the Lloyd George Federal Building, the crowd filled two lanes of Las Vegas Boulevard for almost a mile.
Fewer than half-a-dozen counter-protestors turned out to show their opposition to immigration reform.
Here are some of the signs and T-shirt slogans we saw at the immigration rally and march:
Llega la Hora
Immigration Reform = Stronger Economy
I Work Hard & Pay Taxes
Citizenship Now
Citizenship because no person is second class
The Opportunity to Provide
Immigrant Justice
Teachers Love Dreamers
Workers Rights Are Human Rights
Rise Up – Be the Change
LIUNA Builds America – Feel the Power
Keeping Families Together
Stop the Raids
Pass Immigration Reform
Amnesty Now!
Road Map to Citizenship Now
Unidos por la Reforma Migratoria
Demilitarize the Border
United We Can Do More
Facebook President of the World
Work Connects Us All
America’s Unions Support Citizenship
Dreaming as Bright as the Las Vegas Lights
Obama Stop Breaking Families!
Citizenship Build the Road Now
9-11 Was An Inside Job
We Are Immigrants, We Are Workers, We Are United, We Are the 99%
Apollo la Reforma Immigratoria!
If They Don’t Read the Laws They Are Passing, Why Are We Paying Them? (from a counterprotestor)