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Owners find hidden safe at Atomic Liquors

Courtesy: Atomic Liquors
Courtesy: Atomic Liquors

A few weeks back, Atomic Liquors co-owner Derek Stonebarger told CityLife he had discovered a safe under the flooring in the back left corner of the bar, near Barbra Streisand's favorite seat, but he was tight-lipped about its contents. Recently, Stonebarger, who also owns Theatre7 indie movie theater, flipped on on his cameras and went to crack open the safe.

Stonebarger drilled into the safe and used an auto-mechanic's camera to scope out the contents, which seemed to be paper. He then cracked the safe open with a hammer to find a pile of old receipts dated from the 1950s. Little did they know, they had stumbled upon a time capsule.

A receipt dated June 23, 1954 from Redwood Publishing Company cost the owners $10 per week to advertise Atomic as the "coolest spot in town." There were also receipts from DeLuca Importing, Pepsi, Anderson Dairy, 7 Up, Curt Wadsworth Distribution, McKesson Liquor and Ted Patterson Music.

"An order from DeLuca, dated Oct. 4, 1954, totaled $219 for 55 cases (24 packs of 12-ounce beers) and 12 bottles of 32-ounce quarts. A Pepsi receipt shows Atomic paid $1.35 for a case of 8-ounce sodas. The original total was $2.35, but Atomic received a dollar credit for returning an empty case. Ten cases of 7-ounce and 10 cases of 28-ounce 7 Up products totaled $46.50. Phone numbers listed on the receipts are all three and four digit numbers," a release from Atomic stated.

“There was nothing of monetary value in the safe,” co-owner Lance Johns said. “But in a way, this is even cooler. This is history. We are going to put the receipts on display and we are talking about running that same advertisement. I wonder if a local paper will give us the same rate?”

The owners are going to cover the safe with glass and leave it visible to bar patrons.

Atomic holds Las Vegas' oldest liquor license, and is set to reopen in two months.