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Nevada Governor Sandoval warned this week that the federal government shutdown, beyond putting thousands of people out of work, could lead to an end to food stamps for more than 390,000 and the loss of nutritional assistance to another 75,000 or so pregnant women, infants and children.

But folks may be missing the happy side of the story. At least one company says that the shutdown has been good for business., a self-described “Sugar Daddy” dating website in Las Vegas, said it has had one of the busiest weeks ever as program cuts and furloughs affect women. About 14,000 women have joined the site since Sept. 29, the company reported in various media.

“The site has a history of thriving during periods of economic distress,” the company reported this week.

“Every time the government makes a decision that affects the financial well-being of millions of people, our site continues to thrive, “ said Brandon Wade, founder.

And those looking for even more good news can take some solace in the fact that members of Congress, including those who eagerly greeted the federal shutdown, will not suffer. While their staffs may go unpaid, the salaries of House and Senate members cannot, by dint of a constitutional amendment passed by Congress in 1992, be cut.

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