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Get to know the other boulevard

Urban Historian Steve Duncan in the Las Vegas storm drains
Urban Historian Steve Duncan in the Las Vegas storm drains

In a pretty genius marketing campaign by Palladium Boots, urban historian Steve Duncan trudges through the underbelly of Las Vegas. But instead of visits to the Green Door and Dino's at 4 a.m., he went a little deeper. "This says 'City Sewer,' we need 'County Storm Drain'," he says, shining a flashlight over a manhole 30 seconds into the first episode of Palladium Presents Undercity: Las Vegas. He takes a film crew down with him into the tunnel system, talking Vegas history — from a largely unexplored angle — while crouching his way through the city's lesser-known miles of concrete. A quote upon his first encounter with someone in the tunnel: "The further down you go, you better be armed." Props to Vice Magazine for the cool series.

Watch the full video here.

In other cool news, if you scroll down to the comments section, someone immediately posted the link to Matt O'Brien's 2007 article, "Notes from underground," one of three cover stories O'Brien wrote about the storm drains for CityLife that resulted in his first bookBeneath the Neon: Life and Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas.