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Fattest baby ever: Heart Attack Grill turns 1


We can't always identify the forces of evil. (Well, except the ones here.) They represent different things to different people. Politicians. False prophets. Murderers and total jerkwads. But when they're at work, we know it. And they're at work right now. Because, somehow, some way, Fremont Street's Heart Attack Grill just celebrated its first birthday.

Since opening, it's been on TV and in a collection of publications multiple times (recently on Discovery Channel's Hamburger Paradise) and given two people heart attacks, making it what we consider one of the most lethal babies since It's Alive (1974).

So happy birthday, and bravo, you ruthless assailant of coronary arteries, instigator of atherosclerosis and hater of long life-spans. You might end up being too fat to fail.