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Energy boost and Mandalay Bay

Harry Reid says words.
Harry Reid says words.

Las Vegas has suffered a few setbacks lately in its efforts to become the sustainable energy capital of the universe, but it got a big boost Tuesday, a little more than a month before the National Clean Energy Summit.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joined Mandalay Bay President Chuck Bowling and Interior Secretary Sally Jewell to announce that the Mandalay Bay Conference and Convention Center -- one of the biggest in Las Vegas, and thus, the world -- would be installing solar photovoltaic on its roof. The system should generate enough electricity to power 1,000 homes, about 20 percent of Mandalay Bay’s power demand. It will cover about 20 acres.

Mandalay Bay, which is owned by MGM Resorts International, has scheduled the installation to go forward while the conference center roof is replaced. The work, with contractor NRG Energy, should create 1,000 construction jobs, Reid said at the Tuesday press conference.

“We’ve made progress but not nearly enough,” Reid said. “This is a good day for Nevada and for the country.”

Jewell noted that Las Vegas is “a city that is not viewed as a low consumer of electricity, I think that’s fair to say,” an understatement considering the proximity to the earth’s brightest night light next door at the MGM’s Luxor.

The National Clean Energy Summit 6.0 is scheduled for Aug. 13 at Mandalay Bay.