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Is the county GOP infatuated with a British ichthyologist?

The Clark County Republican Party is selling tickets to a Feb. 16 event called the Lincoln-Regan Day Dinner. We’d guess this was a misspelling of “Reagan,” as in Ronald, but it is repeated three times on the party’s website, so we must conclude it's not a simple typo. But that leaves us unsure which Regan they’re honoring.
Here are some possibilities, courtesy of Google and Wikipedia:
--Donald Regan, 66th secretary of the treasury and Ronald Reagan’s chief of staff for several years before Nancy Reagan fired him
--Tom Regan, philosopher and animal-rights activist
--Regan, the pea-soup-spewing possessed girl in The Exorcist
--Judith Regan, book publisher
--Regan, daughter of Shakespeare’s King Lear
--Mark "Bonnie" Regan, English rugby player
--C. Tate Regan, British ichthyologist