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Can you guess where these photos were taken?

Sorry, dear readers. We've fallen behind on posting the locations of "Where are you?" photos from our TMI page in the print edition. Without further adieu ...

1. "Stop elder abuse by officials" is painted on a residential wall on Maryland Parkway, just south of St. Louis Avenue.

2. "Never stop fighting" is painted on a building on Main Street, just north of Charleston Boulevard. The storefront is neighbor to The Attic, which went out of business after an NV Energy station next door exploded and critically damaged the building. We're not sure that the message is one of solidarity with The Attic, but it seems likely. The "Never stop fighting" building is one of several used during Vegas Jelly's Build a Greener Block event, where participants created an ideal Las Vegas block, complete with yoga studio, coffee shop and community classroom.

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