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Bill-rush the Legislature

Among the 383 bills introduced in the Legislature during the five days before Monday’s cutoff were proposals that would:
• Pardon black heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, convicted by an all-white jury in 1913 of violating the Mann Act, barring interstate transport of a woman for immoral purposes — specifically, for marrying his third wife, a white woman. (Finally.)
• Repeal the part of the Nevada Constitution barring same-sex marriage. (Yes!)
• Standardize sex education statewide, and include medically based discussion of STDs and anatomy. (Overdue.)
• Require background checks before sale or transfer of a firearm to another person in a private transaction. (Overdue.)
• Allow guns locked in cars at child-care facilities, private or public schools, or college campuses. (Sheesh.)
• Legalize and tax the recreational use of marijuana. (Overdue.)
• Permit parents and/or students to make their public school a privatized charter school through a “parent trigger” law. (Ridiculous.)
• Require multicultural education to be offered in grades 2-12. (Good.)
• Allow dental hygienists to offer public advice on dental health without the supervision of a licensed dentist. (Finally!)