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Another supposedly important list Las Vegas isn't on

Remember the way some urban-theory types once refered to Las Vegas as the first city of the 21st century? It's a grimly laughable notion now, not least to the brain trust at Foreign Policy magazine. According to those guys, Vegas isn't even in the top 75 cities of the 21st century. They recently compiled a ranking of the globe's most dynamic cities, and although pretty much every population center in China made the list — even though, in the photos on FP’s website, several looked like hellish smogscapes where you’d need four lungs just to catch a breath — Las Vegas did not. Some of our regional neighbors did, of course. Phoenix? Dynamic. Los Angeles? Dynamic. San Diego? Dynamic. Dallas? Dynamic. Houston? Dynamic. San Francisco? Dynamic. Las Vegas? Not dynamic. Apparently, low taxes, unemployment, struggling casinos, booming foreclosures, a few more low taxes and convenient access to Cirque shows do not equal dynamism in the eyes of Foreign Policy magazine.

Ah, well, who cares? Let’s go celebrate another list we didn’t make:’s “Ten best sober-living cities.” STAFF