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Gov. Brian Sandoval, Instagrammed

Gov. Sunny's State of the State

Déjà vu all over again -- education and tax policy will be the battleground issues for Nevada, according to Gov. Brian Sandoval and his Democratic opposition’s State of the State addresses Wednesday...
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Mitt Romney wins!

Had it gone another way: Alternate covers CityLife had ready ... just in case

To cover our bases in case Mitt Romney won or -- which seemed weirdly possible at the time, given talk of Ohio's provisional ballots -- no final decision had been made by press time, CityLife...

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Romney and Obama

Something wicked this way comes: thoughts on voting, Obama and Citizens United as Election Day dawns

There was one moment in the Frank Rich-Fran Lebowitz talk a few weeks ago at The Smith Center that, for me, at least, cut right to the bruised heart of the electoral freak show now spazzing toward...

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Is it time to Romney-fy America's disaster relief?

In the wake of megastorm Sandy, former one-term governor of Massachusetts and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has avoided answering reporters asking about his statement in June 2011...
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Technology to the rescue

Last week I wrote about super-PACs, which are collectively spending an ungodly amount of money to influence the election in swing states like ours. Here in Nevada, we've heard it all, from all...

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Commentary: Mr. President, unleash your inner Smokin' Joe

As this lull after the first presidential debate lengthens into the prep time for the second, occasional CityLife contributor Quentin R. Bufogle can contain himself no longer:


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Puttin' the ham in Moons Over My Hammy

Where are you? (Gabba Gabba Vote edition)

We saw this display in one of those grab-a-toy-with-a-claw games at the Denny's (don't judge!) at 1201 Warm Springs Road, in Henderson (stop judging!). Presumably, the youth of Henderson can vote...

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The Tequila Party lives!

Remember back in 2010? After U.S. Sen. Harry Reid won re-election, some of his Hispanic supporters started grumbling about the Democratic Party's lack of appreciation. Not that the demographic...

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Gov. Brian Sandoval fails to impress

Earlier this year, the conventional wisdom seemed to suggest that Mitt Romney would pick a Hispanic running mate -- maybe even our very own Gov. Brian Sandoval, a handsome and popular moderate...

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Yee. Haw.

Visual commentary: Aaron McKinney on Tom Collins

With his cowboy bebop now wearing thin, County Commissioner Tom Collins -- he of the alleged firearm discharges and neighbor-charging livestock -- is captured by artist Aaron McKinney as our...

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