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New Order

The Cosmopolitan goes on Coachella booking spree

The Cosmopolitan has gone on a booking tear and scheduled many of the acts playing the two April weekends of Coachella — many of which have never played Las Vegas before. 


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Lady Gaga, during an earlier date during her Born This Way Ball Tour (COURTESY: PICTURE GROUP)

Lady Gaga: Jan. 25, MGM Grand Garden

Not sure exactly why I keep attending Lady Gaga shows. Maybe it's the lure of spectacle. Maybe I'm tired of the musical disconnect I suffer with the guys I chat with at gay bars. Maybe I imagine...

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Coachella 2013 lineup announced

After a slightly-longer-than-usual wait, the iconic (and oft-parodied) Coachella lineup poster has been unveiled -- that is, if you haven't already noticed from the barrage of posts on your...

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The Cosmopolitan (FILE PHOTO: BILL HUGHES)

The Cosmopolitan to build new music venue

Death to the Chelsea, long live the Chelsea!

The Cosmopolitan is finally going to build a permanent venue for concerts and other spectator events, according to a report from Associated Press...

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Cusses play The Bunkhouse during Neon Reverb on March 20

Festival announcements: Neon Reverb, Punk Rock Bowling and more

Amidst the buzz about the Life is Beautiful Festival kicking off in the fall, the veteran downtown music festival Neon Reverb just announced the first bands for its March 22-24 installation: Pure...

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J. Spaceman (aka Jason Pierce) of Spiritualized

House of Blues begins the Coachella booking spree

House of Blues has cleared J. Spaceman for landing. The Mandalay Bay concert venue has booked English psychedelic rock band Spiritualized for its first-ever Las Vegas show on April 12, which is...

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Patrick Carney, left, and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys (PHOTO: ERIK KABIK)

NYE 2012: The Black Keys and Divine Fits at The Joint

I think I let myself believe it would be the best show I’d see all year, this 2012-closing Black Keys show at The Joint. I let myself believe the crowd would be polite and easy-going and wearing a...

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Mark Stoermer, left, and Brandon Flowers of The Killers (PHOTO: WYATT BOSWELL)

Play like you mean it: The Killers, Dec. 28, The Cosmopolitan

There were times during last night's Killers homecoming at The Cosmopolitan's Chelsea Ballroom where I felt physically uneasy, from the unnervingly flexible floor often pounced upon by 4,000 fans...

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Imagine Dragons receive first platinum plaque (photo via Instagram)

Imagine Dragons go platinum

We mean this as a compliment: We're no longer surprised when Imagine Dragons hits a crazy "you've made it now, son" landmark. This time, it's something they share with The Killers, Ne-Yo and Panic...

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Caravels to record first full-length album

After five years as a band, the Caravels are heading into The Palms Studio to record their first full-length album, to be released in March (or close to it). "Overdue is a good way to put it,"...

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