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There's some "East Village" for ya

Open Letter to the "East Village"

I note with some interest that a group of investors in the downtown area are rewriting place names. Specifically, you, the area of east of downtown along Fremont...

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Andy Warhol's self portrait

Picks of the Week we didn't print

Sometimes there's so many noteworthy cultural events to take in, we don't have room to highlight them all. So, to complement our usual Picks of the Week, we offer some alternative choices for the...

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Ira Glass will be part of The Smith Center's spring season program.

Cultural notes: Smith Center releases spring program; Krave to screen LGBT films

Some arts-related news for today:

*Just ahead of its first anniversary, The Smith Center released its program for the spring season, and it's a capital-C cultural doozer. Highlights of the...

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