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A representation of the proposed Modern: The Modern Contemporary Museum of Art


Las Vegas city government officials and members of the city’s art community unveiled a $29 million effort to build a modern arts museum, creativity and design laboratory and outdoor...

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Photo by Nancy Good


Monday evening: Cucumber martinis and glasses of champagne were quickly finished off as guests filed out of the Social House bar and headed down to a cordoned off alcove in the main atrium of the...

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Diane Bush (portrait by Jeferson Applegate)

Politically engaged and fun, artist Diane Bush busts out of the gallery

In his essay "9.5 Theses on Art and Class," critic Ben Davis writes, "Another role for art is as a symbolic escape valve for radical impulses, to serve as a place to isolate and contain social...

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Nicky Watts

Art: Life in a box with Nicky Watts

As we head out to face the world, our invisible force field slips into place, steeling our nerves and prepping us for the conflict of the challenging social interactions we will face. How thick...

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From The Big, Big World of Garilyn Brune

Art and sex: a Thursday night discussion

Sex -- so ripe with issues of identity, culture, beauty, politics and humanity -- is a fertile topic for artists with the skill, vision and courage to really explore it. But for some reason (wink...

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James Turrell's 'Akhob' installation at Louis Vuitton at CityCenter (COURTESY: LOUIS VUITTON)

An excuse to visit Crystals mall: James Turrell's 'Akhob' exhibit

Renowned L.A. artist James Turrell recently made his Strip debut inside CityCenter, with a permanent installation entitled “Akhob,” which means “pure water” in Egyptian. The artwork lives up to...

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Painting by Alzheimer's patient Lester Potts

Talk: Can 'art therapy' assist those with brain disease?

The double line of cars waiting to valet at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health stretched all the way down to the street entrance. Guests stopped for a glass of wine or canapé before filing into...

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A Daily Frame photo of the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (COURTESY: GINGER BRUNER/OUR LAS VEGAS)

TONIGHT: Our Las Vegas celebration exhibit shows growing dynamic of public art

A large flat cake with “Our Las Vegas” scripted in red dominated a small table. Visitors, artists and city employees sipping lemonade in between forkfuls of cream cheese frosting filled the...

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"The Three Graces," by Robert Beckmann

Beckmann, Unger get intellectual about Las Vegas

Last night, Vast Space Projects held a cross-discipline dialogue between artist Robert Beckmann and author Douglas Unger about the elusive and enigmatic identity of Las Vegas. The event coincided...

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OK, so maybe this isn't the BEST argument for public art ...

Public art 1, Bob Beers 0

Las Vegas will continue to fund local arts projects with a regular, 1-percent set-aside from the city’s annual capital-improvements budget.The City Council voted 6-1 to reject Councilman Bob Beers’...
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