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Charred work by Zak Ostrowski (COURTESY)

Brushed with fire: A studio visit with artist Zak Ostrowski

“Here, can you hold this for a second?”

Artist Zak Ostrowski hands me a small blowtorch spewing a slender stream of blue fire. Verifying I’m comfortable with my charge, he steps away for a...

Tags: art
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on Coachella weekend two, day three. (PHOTO: John Shearer/AP)

Three areas where Coachella soared on Sunday: Day three, weekend two

To paraphrase Wu Tang Clan, a Coachella hangover ain't nuthin' to fuck with. 

And when we say "hangover," we don't mean the alcohol variety. For who the hell has time to imbibe and impair...

Tags: Live Music

Nochella, April 20: People in their late 30s love Band of Horses

What is it about Band of Horses that brings all the Gen X'ers to the yard? Is it the sweet, oceanic waves of haunting guitar that found Saturday night's show at The Cosmopolitan's pool consisting...

Tags: Live Music
Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes at Coachella (PHOTO: AP)

Four Coachella bands worth comment: Day two, weekend two

If the first day of the second weekend of the Coachella music festival begged hitting as many performers as possible, Saturday's less-remarkable roster encouraged and allowed for spending more...

Tags: Live Music
Coachella Music and Arts Festival (PHOTO: AP)

My day at Coachella: Day one, weekend two

A day at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival near Palm Springs is less the relaxed day-in-the-park its gorgeous grounds might suggest, and more like turning yourself into a human pinball, crazily...
Tags: Live Music
Hot Chip at The Cosmopolitan (COURTESY PHOTO: ERIK KABIK)

Nochella, April 18: Hot Chip, cool crowd

That's more like it, Las Vegas. 

Yesterday we reported on the dickbaggery taking place at the Of Monsters and Men show. Well Hot Chip's Thursday night crowd at The Boulevard Pool made up for...

Tags: Live Music
Of Monsters and Men at The Cosmopolitan (COURTESY PHOTO: ERIK KABIK)

Nochella, April 17: Of Monsters and Men and rude attendees

We don't normally like to do this, but this is one of the rare occasions where it has to be said. To the audience for Of Monsters and Men: You're a dick. 

Maybe that's not fair. After all, ...

Tags: Live Music
Romy Madley-Croft, left, and Oliver Sim of The XX at The Joint (COURTESY: ERIK KABIK)

Nochella, April 16: The XX seduces Las Vegas

Even if the sky had suddenly dumped a foot of rain on the valley, The XX weren't about to have their Las Vegas show interrupted.

Onstage at The Joint -- having went with an indoor gig after...

Tags: Live Music
Beach House at House of Blues (PHOTO: MIKE PREVATT)

Nochella, April 15: Beach House sings Las Vegas a lullaby

For many of us who spent the better part of the weekend rocking out to the handful of mostly uptempo Coachella acts playing on Vegas stages, we needed a breather. Beach House gave us another...

Tags: Live Music
Karen O of Yeah Yeah Yeahs at The Cosmopolitan (COURTESY PHOTO: ERIK KABIK)

Nochella, April 13: Victories for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Foals

You can usually read how a show will play out by observing the crowd 10 minutes before the headliner. For Friday's Vampire Weekend gig at The Cosmopolitan's Boulevard Pool, the crowd was...

Tags: Live Music


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