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I remember rock and roll radio.

On a cheap clock radio in the early 1970s, I remember exploring the weird FM stations that came from the nearby university...

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Photo by Nancy Good


Monday evening: Cucumber martinis and glasses of champagne were quickly finished off as guests filed out of the Social House bar and headed down to a cordoned off alcove in the main atrium of the...

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De Niro


Mafia movies have two problems. 1) The scenery rarely changes. 2) They’ve. Been. Done. To. Death.

And what the hell: 3) They’ve watered down Robert De Niro’s greatness.

Luc Besson’s...

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Life is Beautiful -- and expensive!

Planning to volunteer at the Life is Beautiful Festival? Bring your checkbook!

Processing charge: $15 (nonrefundable)

Deposit: $185 (refundable)

Number of hours required for...

Diane Bush (portrait by Jeferson Applegate)

Politically engaged and fun, artist Diane Bush busts out of the gallery

In his essay "9.5 Theses on Art and Class," critic Ben Davis writes, "Another role for art is as a symbolic escape valve for radical impulses, to serve as a place to isolate and contain social...

Tags: art
Joshua Ellis (portrait by Jeferson Applegate)

Africa, tech and danger: A few questions for writer Joshua Ellis

If you're reading this on CityLife's blog, you probably already know who Joshua Ellis is. Not only has he written for this paper plenty of times, about technology, marginal people, music, the...

Tags: books

We love the smell of roasted critics (when it's for a good cause)!

The skewer will be in the other hand when Roasting Las Vegas puts the city’s big three food critics — our own Al Mancini, John Curtas and Vegas Seven’s Max Jacobson — at the mercy of some of the...

Tags: Food
Photos Denise Truscello

Steely Dan at the Pearl


Steely Dan isn’t a band. It’s an institution.

Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, the perfectionist, song-writing core of Steely Dan, have been working together for more than 45 years,...

Nicky Watts

Art: Life in a box with Nicky Watts

As we head out to face the world, our invisible force field slips into place, steeling our nerves and prepping us for the conflict of the challenging social interactions we will face. How thick...

Tags: art
Nice mask!

Review: You're Next

The goal of any horror movie should be effectiveness. Now, that may sound silly: Isn’t effectiveness the goal of any movie, regardless of genre? But horror movies -- even more than comedies --...

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