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Yayo Taco reopens for business


Well that didn't take long.

We reported on Feb. 28 that University district eatery/music venue Yayo Taco closed its doors after allegedly not paying a $477 fine to the Southern Nevada Health Department. Days later, the Yayo Taco interior and exterior were crammed with kids, hoping to raise enough money for the venue to reopen its doors.

And today, March 27, it has reopened for business. Around 12:30 p.m., somewhere between 20-30 people, mostly families and business types, ate in the restaurant. To the naked eye, not much was different. The tables are still layered in graffiti. The bottles of tequila still proudly displayed over the kitchen. Only the "A" Health Department grade, a big leap from the cold hard "C" from a month prior, stuck out. Which, frankly, is the only part we wanted to see change.

While we're glad the restaurant, as in the portion that involves food, passed the test, we're more excited about another part: According to a cashier, concerts are scheduled to resume in the next couple weeks, including a Caravels show. We just hope it lasts.