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Wyatt McKenzie and Holding Onto Sound bid farewell


What a bummer of a week in local music. Both punk rock quartet Holding Onto Sound and singer-songwriter Wyatt McKenzie announced the end of their acts.

The first, McKenzie, shedding his folky Mother McKenzie project as well as dropping The Burning Symphony at the same time bassist Nick Hoffman made plans to move to Massachusetts, announcing in a Facebook farewell his interest in becoming a simple guy. “I don't know what I'm chasing with these shows anymore,” he says. “I'm certainly not chasing fame or pussy or money. If anything, I like to have my ego stroked. Being a 'simple guy' means destroying my ego, to pave way for someone new. The whole structure of my existence is built around the attention I absorb through these performances. I think in the past it's made me arrogant and mean.”

Holding Onto Sound announced its disbanding the day before it was scheduled to play Way Out West Fest, an independent festival in Tucson, Ariz. Many of the replies to its online farewell questioned if it was real. “It’s for real,” bassist Zabi Naqshband said, only elaborating at press time that "it’s a bit bloody still.”

The Burning Symphony will be sent off April 20 at Blackbird Studios in the Arts District. Mother McKenzie will also play, though according to McKenzie, it won't be that band's final show. HOTS is considering a farewell show, but hasn't announced one yet. Anyway you look at it, these hits pour into more than the bands' own sections of the local music community.

In moving-forward news, three local rappers embark together on a regional tour. Late for Dinner, Phil A and Omino Jakku take off on an eight-date trip, dubbed The Rap is Fun Tour, beginning May 15 and visiting northern Nevada, Utah, Idaho and California.

SquidHat Records, the fairly new Portland transplant scooping up most of the Double Down frequents, just signed Guilty By Association, a hardcore punk started in 2001. In July, the label plans to release a monster 20-track double CD with a rerelease of GBA's 2010 American Decay plus a remaster of Detox, the band's debut LP — as well as a new record due in early 2014.