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In which we shamelessly ride Alissa Nutting's coattails

Junk food queen
Junk food queen

Writer Alissa Nutting -- formerly a fellow at the Black Mountain Institute and a delightful presence on the Las Vegas literary scene -- has just published this summer's hottest, possibly most dangerous book, the novel Tampa, which delves into the mind of an unrepentant female pedophile. It's getting chatter everywhere people talk about books. (Look for CityLife's review in a few weeks.)

Back in 2011, Nutting wrote a few quirky, wonderful pieces for CityLife, and here's our cheerfully shameless attempt to piggyback on Tampa's buzz by reposting those links. She wrote about her love of junk food, about dealing with unwanted body hair and about Nevada's spooky Area 51. Each has that distinctive Nutting mojo; enjoy them before or after Tampa.