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Vegas hardcore band Scream the Lie gets signed


Vegas hardcore quintet Scream the Lie just announced signing with small shop, New York-based Negative Progression Records, the same label as local act Ministry of Love.

“We’re insanely stoked on it!” says Lie frontman Steven Brown. “We decided to go with NPR because we are fans of a couple bands on the label and we could see that Seth [Hyman, owner] truly cares about his work. We felt as though we could make it furthest out of Vegas with NPR.”

As a paper, we’ve commented before on the surplus of young hardcore bands in town, often to varying degrees of eardrum sadism. But Scream the Lie offers a higher level of ability (check out the band’s “Visions”), real attention to composition and not taking the oft-beaten path of just making noise — something you wouldn’t expect from a group of high school kids. (Yeah, mind destroyed.)

“I think what sets them apart is the quality of their live show and also their work ethic,” says Ministry of Love’s Patrick “Pulsar” Trout. “They have some great songs and their frontman Steven has a ton of charisma. Anytime you see the opening on a show inspiring a wall of death, you know you've got something special!”

(For the confused: A wall of death is when the crowd splits in half, only to charge at the other side when the song drops, creating a pit when one wall of kids erupts against the other. You could also call it the Braveheart smash.)

Though not able to be explicit about future plans, Lie frontman Steven Brown says 2013 will include recording a new EP and filming an accompanying music video.