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Tonight: Activity-filled auction for at-risk students

An orgami bird painted by Danny Roberts for the Harvest for Hope charity auction. (Courtesy photo.)
An orgami bird painted by Danny Roberts for the Harvest for Hope charity auction. (Courtesy photo.)

See the super-orgami bird to the right? That fella is trying to save Vegas at-risk students.

Tall order, we know. Nevada has one of the most abysmal dropout rates in the country, and it's one of those things we bemoan in conversation but rarely do anything about. Did you know you can just up and volunteer at a local school? Or go old school, so to speak, and tutor a student in need? 

Or, you can blend charity with fun and attend this evening's Harvest For Hope event, which benefits Communities in School of Nevada, an intervention/dropout prevention organization. There's a plethora of activities for kids, including train rides, obstacle courses, a petting zoo, a video arcade provided by Insert Coins and playtime with a fire-engine, among other activities. (My 7-year-old self would have been in heaven.) Adults can feast and booze thanks to The Cosmopolitan's league of dining and drinking institutions, which are among the best in the city. 

Later, there will be an auction for that orgami bird and his 13 buddies, all made by a superteam of Vegas artists that includes Chris Bauder, Kevin Chupik, Brian Henry, Shawn Hummel, Wendy Kveck, KD Matheson, Jerry Misko, Danny Roberts, David Ryan, Niki Sands, Michael Wardle, Joseph Watson and Luis Varela-Rico -- the latter artist actually welding the metal birds himself for his peers to paint. 

If those birds go beyond the means of your wallet, consider just attending. Adults pay $175 a head, kids are $50, and all proceeds go to CISN.

Friday, Oct. 19, 5-9 p.m.; World Market Center Las Vegas, Pavilion 3, 495 S. Grand Central Parkway. Info: