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Things to know about Beyonce's MGM concert

With flowing blonde hair and several spectacular costume changes, sometimes-demure, sometimes-fierce pop superstar Beyonce rocked the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, June 29, as part of her The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Here are the highlights.
1. She flew. Yes, flew. Late in the concert, dressed in a glittering purple body suit, Beyonce grabbed hold of a rope and took flight from a piano on the main stage, over the heads of the general admission crowd, to a smaller catwalk where she joined hands with fans. "This is my favorite part of the show," she told the audience, "because I get to be closer to you."
2. It was Vegas-themed! During one set, "Vegas" flashed across the screen, alternating with slot-machine imagery and footage of atomic blasts, including the iconic clip of houses blown away as if they were made of toothpicks. Beyonce and her dancers evoked a cathouse vibe for "Naughty Girl," and, later, on screen, Versailles' historic high society with an unexpected crunk-dancing twist. (Marie Antoinette is another, more central tour theme.) 
3. There were commercials. Before the show started, Beyonce's many campaigns were promoted, from H&M to Pepsi to Goodwill. Receptive fans cheered each time her face appeared on screen. One quizzical onlooker remarked that she thought the H&M spot, which featured Beyonce on the beach, was pushing feminine products. 
4. Les Twins were there. They were the only men in the all-woman team, which included live back-up singers, a live band and a dance troupe. The musicians and back-up singers lingered toward the back of stage for most of the show, but each made their way forward for various songs. At one point, the guitarist's guitar spewed fireworks as she dueted with Beyonce.