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There's an End of the World Party in Goldfield this weekend

End of the World Party
End of the World Party

Reno Artist Chad Sorg recently found himself the president of the Goldfield Chamber of Commerce -- Goldfield being the historic mining town about 180 miles northish of Las Vegas -- and for this year's annual Goldfield Days celebration, he's concocted a whole new element: The End of the World Party (the Far End). It'll take place amid the weird splendor of one of Goldfield's more unique features: a field of several dozen upright cars, buried nose-first in the desert dirt. It's officially known as the International Car Forest of the Last Church. There's every possibility one or more of these upright cars will be set afire during the party, which will also feature bands, artsy stuff and we don't know what all.

So whether you want a Burning Man tuneup, are Goldfield-curious, need to get out of Vegas for a spell, it sounds worth checking out. Just ask Sorg; we did:


What prompted this event?

Two things: We needed a big way to introduce the Car Forest and Goldfield to the world in a personal way. Reason 2: Goldfield Days is in need of a big audience this year. I'm the prez of the Chamber of Commerce, so this was my answer to that challenge. We need some donations to help with our endeavor, as well. $25 per camper; kids under 18 free with parents.

Why are you calling it the "end of the world" party?

It's actually the “End of the World Party (the Far End)” because it feels like the end of the world here. Also, with all the paranoia and confusion afoot, it's a way for people to reflect upon their current world and consider how to build their new world. Petroleum-based cars, for instance, need to die.


Who are a few of the musical acts that will perform?

Zak, Canyon White, Dan Phillips, La Fin Absolute du Monde (from Portand/Bay Area), Jabberwocky (DJ), Kim Elise, and more. Also, a couple speakers.

Do people -- or you? -- compare it to Burning Man?

It has been compared to BM many times now, yes. Burning Man organization actually approached the town of Goldfield, years ago, and the county commissioners at the time turned them down, for some fuckin' reason. The difference with our event is the terrain, uneven and with features such as Joshua trees and, oh, 40 erect vehicles. But also I want to point out the lack of light pollution here, as there is a meteor currently happening. Yeah, we made that happen -- we know a guy. One huge difference is the fact that downtown Goldfield (civilization) is a 10-minute walk from the Car Forest.

Here's the schedule for Goldfield Days:

6:30AM Mason's Pancake Breakfast - Historic Fire House
8 AM Parade Line Up - In front of the Goldfield Hotel
9 AM Parade Begins

10 AM (following parade) Land Auction - Back of Court House
10:30AM Fire Department BBQ
11 AM Poker Walk - The Goldfield Gift Shop
12 PM Frank Adams Presentation on the Earp Family and the Wells Fargo Rawhide Robbery - Court House
12 PM Pie Eating Contest - Radio Station
12 PM Street Dance begins - Outside Court House
12 PM Root Beer Drinking Contest- Radio Station
1 PM Historic Bus Tour - Cook Bank Building
1:30PM Presentation on Antique Bottle Collecting - The Palace
2:30PM Historic Bus Tour - Cook Bank Building
4 PM Poker Walk Winners Announced
4:30PM Miner's Liar Contest - The Palace
5 PM Costume Contest - The Palace
5:30PM Auction of Goldfield Items
7 PM Bed Races
Dusk - Star Gazing - Old Fire House
9 PM Paranormal Tours

8-9 AM Continental Breakfast - The Palace
9:30AM Pet Parade Line Up - The Palace
10 AM Pet Parade
11:30AM Bed Races
12:30PM Pie Eating Contest- Radio Station
1 PM Root Beer Drinking Contest- Radio Station
1:30PM Raffle Drawing